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Digital Desktop Scale - Dual Sided Display

Digital Desktop Scale - Dual Sided Display

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Highly Accurate Measurement: This scale is designed for precision, offering a capacity range from a minimum of 0.005 KGs to a maximum of 30 KGs. Easily switch between pounds and kilograms to suit your specific measuring needs.

Dual Digital Display: Equipped with two digital screens, this scale ensures that the user and the customer can conveniently view the weight from either side, enhancing transparency and trust in transactions.

Ready to Use with Pre-Calibration: This scale comes pre-calibrated, eliminating the need for setup. It's ready to use right out of the box, simplifying your weighing processes and saving time.

Multiple Functionalities: Featuring tare, zero, and pricing functions, this scale is versatile and ideal for various business applications, from postal services to retail.

Flexible Power Options: Operate with direct power or batteries. This scale has a rechargeable function and a battery port, offering uninterrupted service even without a direct power source.

Long Battery Life: The scale runs efficiently on its charged power for extended periods, removing the need for constant charging.

Bright LED Display: The bright LED display is clear and easy to read, ensuring accurate readings even in lower light conditions.

Advanced Price Computing Functions: Unique to this scale, the price computing function calculates the cost for bulk purchases and the amount of change for customers, streamlining the sales process.